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Review of Dead Week

  My favorite image from the class announcements. Image from Dinoman . From the class announcements this week, I couldn't find an image I absolutely loved, so I used an older image from last week or the week before. I really liked this picture because it was very sweet, plus with this week being the last week of mythology, I thought it fit the "loneliness" situation! Also, my favorite video was the virtual choir's Fly to Paradise video that was posted. I had never heard a choir presented in such an electronic way, plus the way the voices were laid over top of each other sounded otherworldly! The video itself was very unique, it was something I had never seen before and I probably would have never watched it on my own without the announcements tab pointing it out. Overall, I think these two art pieces are my favorite this week, and they really make this class feel like we have reached the end!

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